Email Marketing News -Google Will Now Allowing Shopping Ads on Gmail

Google has announced that it will allow advertisers to place shopping ads in Gmail.

For email marketers, this must come as good news. There is already a very close relation between email marketing and e-commerce. Some of the top online retailers we see today have built their sales on the back of email marketing and Facebook Ads.

Paid ads have been a boon for small online retailers. Dropshipping businesses have sprung up all across the globe as people have grown aware of the incredible potential of online retail. Google Shopping has been a welcome new addition to Google Ads as online retailers try to reach customers across all platforms.

With the recent announcement of Google Shopping Ads reaching Gmail, the interesting question is how email marketing will react to this change. On the whole, the move is great for email marketers as they can now a targeted audience through email without actually having a recipient list. However, this brings a need for change in online retail and email marketing work right now.

In digital marketing, a ripple is enough to cause unforeseen disruption. Google Shopping Ads reaching Gmail inboxes is a very interesting prospect. Students studying at digital marketing institutes have to learn how to recognize these trends and act upon them. Moving forward, we will discuss the kind of changes that could take place in email marketing following this announcement.

Email Marketing Will Suddenly Become More Important

Email marketing has always been an effective way to make sales. However, its importance is often clouded by social media marketing. Since email marketing relies on a recipient list to begin with, its reach is lower compared to paid social media campaigns (although conversion rate in email marketing is better).

With this change in direction, advertisers no longer need to have a robust email list to reach an audience. By selecting a demographic while setting up the campaign, they can rely on Google to place ads in Gmail inboxes of people who are more likely to buy something.

Until now, email marketing has been called a slow technique. With this change, it will become a key technique to learn.

Email Marketing Being Overrun by SEM and Google Ads

Email marketing already has an established set of tools and techniques. As paid ads creep into its domain, the practice will have to change and accommodate a different approach.

Those currently working in email marketing as professionals will have to add learning Google Ads to their list of duties. Until now, email marketing as a skill has required professionals to be good at drafting email content and running campaigns with the help of tools. Now, there is an added expectation on them to know more about Google Ads.

In Conclusion

In this article, we discussed the ramifications of Google adding Gmail to the list of places Shopping Ads can appear now.

About the Author – Gaurav Heera is an email marketing professional and blogger currently working at DelhiCourses. Amongst many other institutes, DelhiCourses stands out as one of the best in providing a renowned digital marketing course in Delhi.

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