What Steps Should You Take To Land Your First Product Marketing Position?

Have coffee with a few product marketing team members if you already work for a company that has one. When looking for a new advertising specialty work jobs, connect with product marketers on LinkedIn and arrange informal coffee dates. There isn’t a single “path when it comes to product marketing.”

From my perspective as a hiring manager, here’s what I’d advise if you’re applying for your first product marketing position:

Find out who else is out there selling products like yours

Connect with other product marketers by joining the Product Marketing Alliance, participating in their Slack channel, asking questions, and generally just getting to know some other product marketers.

Become certified

Pragmatic Marketing and the Product Marketing Alliance are just two of the many organizations that provide training. Still, these certifications can help open doors by demonstrating interest and dedication to hiring managers.

Please get to know the product and the people who use it

Attending online or in-person events like webinars is a good way to learn new things. Search for news articles, follow the company on social media and peruse customer reviews. Ensure that all of your research into the company and the product is evident in your application.

Begin to write

The writing samples are always the first thing companies check when reviewing applications. Regardless of whether or not you’re writing about a product, it’s important to show that you can tell stories about a topic that someone may find difficult to comprehend and make accessible. If you’ve worked on other campaigns or written content that demonstrates your storytelling skills, mention that.

Be a part of the product marketing team by working on a side project or volunteering 

This is an excellent opportunity to work on the content and the launch campaign for any side project that involves launching a new product. Volunteer on your product marketing team or reach out to a product marketer to see if you can take some of their workloads off their shoulders.

Have an opinion that isn’t firmly held but is still strong

When it comes to storytelling, you need a creative and data-backed way of coming up with a narrative that the audience will resonate with. As a result, you must be able to change your mind if a data point contradicts your beliefs.

Find out what product marketing is all about before you get into the nitty-gritty of doing it yourself

There is a huge overlap between product marketing and product management. Check out the promotional products employment agency to get a job in the promotional products industry.

It cannot be easy to land your first job as a new product marketer. In my opinion, it’s the most rewarding and enjoyable opportunity within a company, despite its competitive nature and high demands. List out the traits listed above and see if you can shadow a product marketer for an hour or two to see whether it’s a good fit.

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