Benefits of Using Collagen

Collagen keeps joints healthy and skin plump and elastic. This body protein makes up 3/4th of your skin and 1/3rd of the protein in your body and is found in muscles, bones, and blood.

Collagen breaks down with age, making it more difficult for your body to manufacture more of it. Hence, many people use external collagen medications like capsules, and gummies, 少女 that are injected into the skin to reshape contour and remove wrinkles, powder, and liquids to maintain their quantity in the body.

Causes of collagen loss

  • Smoking reduces the production of collagen, which causes wrinkles and slows the healing of any wound. Nicotine prevents oxygen and nutrients from reaching your skin’s surface by constricting blood vessels close to its surface.
  • Advanced glycation end products are created when sugar binds to protein. These tiny particles harm nearby protein and cause collagen to become fragile, dry, and weak.
  • UV radiation exposure causes collagen to break down more quickly and produces less collagen overall. Sun’s UV rays are the cause of wrinkles.
  • Excessive alcohol use has also been proven to increase skin ageing rapidly by lowering collagen production and damaging skin-restoring mechanisms.

These modifications cause ageing symptoms, such as wrinkles and sagging, dry skin. During ageing, the collagen integrity in the skeletal system also declines, which results in weakened bones. Collagen supplements can be taken from any dermatologist. There is another option of collagen needles, which show results in a few days.

Retens uses Ellanse Girl Needles which stimulated collagen production for plump and smoother skin. Ellanse Maiden Pin was created in the Netherlands and made of polycaprolactone (PCL) and biodegradable material (CMC) that can be naturally absorbed by human skin.

Retens uses 100% original factory-made products and consists of therapists and a professional beauty team who have undergone different courses to ensure safe treatment for their patients.

Benefits of Collagen Usage

You can digest, transform, and re-assimilate collagen into your body. It has a variety of applications in both drugs and cosmetics.


Injections of collagen can smooth out small creases in your skin that resemble lines and wrinkles. For example, Ellanse Maiden Pin is 少女針 used to treat sagging and ageing skin. It provides elasticity and plump skin. The effect can be seen immediately and the result lasts 1 to 4 years.

Collagen is a desirable material for cosmetic procedures because of its natural appearance. Manufacturers include it in various skin products and hair treatments because it helps preserve humidity. Injected collagen fillers improve the quality and viscosity of skin in cosmetic medicine.


Supplemental collagen is helpful in oral, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery. They speed up the recovery of wounds and burns and encourage the formation of new tissue. Collagen supplements are used by some people to reduce osteoarthritis symptoms.

Collagen serves as a barrier to prevent quickly expanding gum tissue from turning into a tooth wound, providing the tooth’s cells the time they require to recover. Arteries reconstruction, helping to regenerate secondary nerves, and creating blood vessel prostheses have all been accomplished with donor collagen tissue grafts.

Collagen is a protein that is necessary not only for healthy skin, but also for healthy bones, joints, arteries, tendons, and cartilage. With age, one requires additional collagen supplements to overcome its deficiency, which may lead to other medical conditions.

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