Few Things That You Can Do For Free In Denver

Are you planning to give the beautiful city of Denver a visit? Are you on a tight budget? Well, there are plenty of things that you can do for free all day long and this will help you to extract all the fun out of your trip. You will also not have to burn a hole in your pocket. So, here we have come up with a list of things that can be done for free in Denver:

Visit the Amphitheatre and the Red Rocks Park: Red Rocks Park is a part of the Denver mountain system. The park allows free admission to anyone. However, a fee is required for movie screenings and outdoor concerts that are held at the Amphitheatre from time to time. The park is a great place to visit during the day. You will be able to stay really close to nature and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Take a tour of the Colorado State Capitol: You can take a free 45 minutes tour of the historic structure of the Colorado State Capitol. Visitors can also opt for a free self-guided tour when the building opens at 9 am. The visitors will have to go through a security check before they actually enter the capital building. The historic building is closed on the state holidays. Otherwise, you can visit the place at any time of the year.

Visit the United States Mint in Denver: The United States mint is another major attraction of Denver that offers free tours to visitors. You will get to visit the manufacturing facility where US coins are made all the time. You don’t have to pay any kind of fee in order to visit the United States. However, you may need a reservation for the tour. Also, no camera or food is allowed inside the mint.

Spend an evening at Washington Park: Washington Park is another very popular park in Denver. The park has long trails where you can go for an enjoyable walk. It is also a great place for exercise. You can fish in the various lakes inside the park. You can also walk inside the beautiful flower gardens. Basketball and tennis ball courts are also present in the park for all the fitness enthusiasts out there. You can also enjoy a game of volleyball. All these activities can be done free of charge at Washington Park.

Visit the Museum on free days: The Denver Art Museum offers free tours to visitors on the first Saturday of every month. So, you can consider visiting the museum at that particular time. A museum is an excellent place for all the science and nature lovers out there. You will be able to watch a lot of extraordinary things there and make memories that are going to last a lifetime.

And these are some of the main things that you can do for free in Denver. You can also avail of daily Denver tours for an excellent tour to all the major locations of the city.

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