The Best Craft Breweries in Charlotte

Although Charlotte is a big metropolis, its small-town charm is still present. When you visit Charlotte, you’ll see how passionately everyone works to make the city a great place to live and how hard everyone works to maintain that passion. Charlotte residents are aware of how reasonably priced the Queen City is. Significantly less than the national average, the median home value (190,000 for Charlotte vs. 211,000 for the U.S. Average). Charlotte houses for sale have started to rise much more recently than it did in the early 2000s. This is consistent with the rest of the country, with Charlotte appreciating a little bit more quickly. In Charlotte, there is a LOT to do that isn’t drinking beer. Additionally, Charlotte offers activities that do include drinking beer. The top craft breweries in Charlotte are listed below.

Armored Cow

If you’re traveling with someone who isn’t really into beer, Armored Cow in University City is enjoyable not only for the beer they serve, but also for all the extras they offer. In addition to the selection of gluten-free beers available at this location, they also serve kombucha, cider, and even wine.

Birdsong Brewing Company

Birdsong in Charlotte’s Belmont district was founded in 2011 by a husband-and-wife pair and a buddy who is a brewer, and it has grown significantly since then. The jalapeno pale ale and other seasonal products are now the place’s main draws. Don’t pass up any white ale that is being served if it is on the menu when you visit. It tastes good.

Blue Blaze Brewing

Beers made in the American, English, and German styles are popular at Blue Blaze Brewing. Think wheat beers, crisp pale ales, golden ales, and milk stouts. Knowing everything there is to know about the Appalachian Trail will help you comprehend the West End brewery’s inspiration.

Catawba Brewing Company

The 10,000 square foot taproom at Catawba is a weekend must because of its easy-drinking beer and patio with a view of the skyline. Relaxed with a wonderful blend of indoor and outdoor space. Check out the amazing skyline while here!

Devil’s Logic Brewing 

Perfect for both beer veterans and newcomers. You can choose from a large assortment of kombucha, cider, and cold brew coffee in addition to the 13 beers on tap. The Devil’s Logic building, which was formerly home to American Billiards, has a gritty, garage-style feel. There are two patios outside, one with an excellent view of Uptown and the other raised. The company is called Devil’s Logic because co-owners Greg Grueneich and Brian Wallace like disputing and acting as the opposing party in talks by pointing out logical errors.

Petty Thieves Brewing Co

Due to the brewhouse’s smaller capacity and Petty Thieves’ reputation for innovation, new brews can be rotated often. The room is decorated to look like an old cigar lounge and is furnished with vintage and thrift store treasures.

Suffolk Punch Brewing

With a stunning taproom and a beer menu that includes their own creations in addition to some of the best in the nation, Suffolk Punch has established itself as a Rail Trail destination. Try breakfast there. Suffolk is a bit fancier than your average brewery. On nice days, the patio is usually crowded.

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